Sleep Apnoea Treatment

Restore Your Rest and Protect Your Teeth

If you suffer from sleep apnoea your doctor may recommend a mouthguard as part of your treatment plan. Sleep apnoea is a common sleep disorder that causes difficulty breathing and disrupts sleep. At Ed Square Dental, we can help you with a custom-made mouthguard to help you get a good night’s rest while protecting your teeth.

Sleep Apnoea Explained

Sleep apnoea is a medical disorder where breathing stops and starts during the night as a result of narrowing of the airways. It can cause muscle spasm, interrupted sleep and snoring. People often do not realise they have sleep apnoea until a partner tells them. Some symptoms of sleep apnoea include:
To help diagnose sleep apnoea your dentist can refer you to have a sleep study.

What Causes Sleep Apnoea

Certain risk factors cause sleep apnoea, these include:

Diagnosing Sleep Apnoea

If you have reason to believe you have sleep apnoea, speak to us about it at your next visit. Our dentists are experienced in spotting the signs of sleep apnoea on your teeth and can point you in the direction of a doctor or sleep specialist who can make an official diagnosis. You may also be referred to have a sleep study performed.

There are three different types of sleep apnoea:

Treatment for Sleep Apnoea

The treatment for your sleep apnoea will depend on the type and severity. Some simple, yet effective methods of managing your sleep apnoea can include:

It is likely these treatments will not be enough on their own. Therefore, you may need more advanced treatments. A continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine may be recommended. A CPAP machine pushes constant air into your mouth and nose whilst you sleep to avoid the narrowing of your airways.

A custom-fitted mouthguard made by a dentist is another option. This is where we can help. Also known as an oral mandibular device it works by pushing your jaw and tongue forward. This stops your airways from becoming obstructed. It’s important you see a qualified dentist for such treatment. A normal mouthguard will not work in the same way.

Has your doctor recommended an oral mandibular device to treat your sleep apnoea? If so, give us a call to book a consultation. We can talk you through the process and answer any more questions you have.

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