Transform Your Smile

At Ed Square Dental, we believe that everybody deserves a smile that allows them to put the most confident version of themselves forward to the world. Do you have a dream smile in mind? Our talented dentists can help you make it a reality with quality veneers in Edmondson Park.

Dental veneers can be an ideal solution for many cosmetic dental issues including discoloured, misaligned or misshapen teeth. Whatever the concerns you have with your smile, our dentists can help tailor a smile design to help you reach your smile goals.

What are The Benefits of Veneers

Veneers are thin covers that are bonded to your teeth. They can improve the shape, colour and alignment of your smile. Veneers are made from either porcelain or composite resin. Veneers have a wide range of benefits:

What Happens During a Dental Veneer Procedure

The process for getting veneers usually takes place over a few appointments. As each patient and smile is unique, the process may look slightly different from case to case. However, you can generally expect the procedure to follow the steps below:

During a consultation with one of our Ed Square dentists they will assess your oral health to ensure you’re a suitable candidate for dental veneers. In this appointment you can discuss your desired results and be taken through the options.
The next step involves designing your new smile with your dentist. The exciting part! When you’re happy with what your enhanced smile will look like, preparations can begin!
During this appointment, your dentist will numb your mouth with local anaesthetic and prepare the surface of your teeth for the fitting of your veneers. Impressions will be taken of your teeth for the manufacture of your custom veneers.
Once your custom-made dental veneers are ready, it’s time for your dentist to make any final adjustments before bonding them to the front surface of your teeth.
Your new veneers polished for a smooth finish and you and your new smile are ready to go!

Recovery Time

The process for getting veneers requires minimal downtime. Your teeth and gums may be a little sensitive for the first few weeks while you adjust to your new smile.

If you maintain good oral health care habits including regular and ongoing dental check-ups and cleans, your veneers can last up to 15 years.

As your local Edmondson Park dentist, we offer a range of cosmetic dental treatments. Why wait to smile your best smile?

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