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Where Healthy, Happy Smiles Begin

It’s no secret that children often don’t like going to the dentist. So, we try to make the experience fun and as comfortable as possible for your kids. It is so important to instil good oral health care habits in children from an early age. This way they can carry those habits into adulthood.

Our children’s dentists here at Ed Square Dental are experienced in paediatric oral issues. These issues are specific to children and require special treatments. Our paediatric dentists are trained in children’s behaviour and know how to keep them calm and relaxed. You can feel confident trusting us with your children’s oral health needs.

What to Expect at Your Child’s First Dentist Appointment

Your child’s first appointment is all about helping them form a relationship with their dentist and making them feel comfortable in the dental environment. Your child may be comfortable sitting in the dentist’s chair, or perhaps staying on your knee, whatever works for them is what we will do.

Our child-friendly dentist will examine their mouth, taking note of the number, position and health of their teeth and gums. Then we will gently polish their teeth with a flavoured fluoride toothpaste.

Our dentist’s will be able to answer any questions you have about your child’s teeth. We can also give advice on at-home brushing and flossing techniques. You may want to book your child’s appointment in conjunction with your own. Seeing you have your teeth examined and cleaned can make your child feel more comfortable.

Why Choose Ed Square Dental as Your Edmondson Park Children’s Dentist

At Ed Square Dental we aim to make every child enjoy their visit to the dentist. We believe in complete transparency for kids, making sure we explain every step of the visit. If a child understands what is going on they will feel more relaxed and comfortable.

Our dentists will use smiles and humour to keep your children happy. It is important to reinforce the dentist as a positive place, so kids look forward to their visits. We want your children to develop great oral health habits from a young age.

It is important for long term dental health that your child receives regular dental check-ups. Every 6 to 9 months is ideal after they have their first tooth come through. These regular check-ups can help prevent cavities and other dental issues from arising. It is always better to prevent the issue before it becomes a problem.

We aim to develop a good relationship with you and your family so that Ed Square Dental becomes your trusted family dental clinic.

Make Ed Square Dental Your First Choice in Children’s Dentistry.

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